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What's Your Parenting Style?

The majority of research out there finds a strong correlation between parenting styles and the use of alcohol and drugs among adolescents. In this area of research, scientists identify four primary parenting styles – Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Neglectful – and attempt to determine which style has the strongest relationship with adolescent alcohol and drug use. The evidence on that question is clear: authoritarian and neglectful parenting styles are associated with the highest risk of adolescent alcohol and drug use, while the authoritative and permissive parenting styles are associated with a lower risk of alcohol and drug use among adolescents, as compared to the authoritarian and neglectful styles.

Here’s what the authors of the most widely recognized study on the subject say about the relationship between parenting style and adolescent alcohol and drug use:

“Our results support the idea that extremes are not effective: neither authoritarianism nor absence of control and affection. A good relationship with children works well. In this respect, it can go hand in hand with direct control (the authoritative style) or not (the permissive style).”

So what is your parenting style? Take this Parenting Style Quiz to find out.

Clay County Data

According to the Kansas Communities That Care Survey, about 22% of Clay County youth report they could NOT ask the adults in their life for help if they had a problem.

Statement: If I had a personal problem, I could ask the adult(s) I live with for help.

Answer = "No"

7 Ways Alcoholic Parents Affect their Children

Parenting is difficult and not all parents had the best role models. This video may give some insight as to how alcoholic parents can affect their children who, in turn, may later become parents themselves. It's up to us to break the cycle.

Sources: https://evolvetreatment.com/blog/substance-use-parenting-style/




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