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Hidden in Plain View

You might be surprised that seemingly innocent items can actually indicate substance use. Hidden in Plain View allows you to explore a child’s bedroom right from your computer or mobile device to see if you can recognize the signs of risky behavior.

Addiction is Real created a virtual room where parents can discover what to look for and why these items could indicate that your child is using alcohol or drugs. Can you find the over 70 suspicious items hidden in plain view?

Explore the Hidden in Plain View Virtual Bedroom


Just How Easy is it For Teens to Hide Their Drugs?

If you’ve ever suspected one of your children of using drugs, you may have tried going through their pockets and their backpacks for pills, weed or other drugs. The sad truth is that any teen who wants to hide drugs has the ability to hide them so well that even a thorough search by a concerned parent won’t find them.

How do they figure out where to put them? If they have the ability to access the internet for research or to buy a book, they have access to detailed instructions on how to hide drugs (or anything else) in places parents are unlikely to ever check.

A quick search of the resources available will give any parent a sinking feeling when they consider trying to confiscate drugs from a child who really wants to keep them hidden. Online forums dedicated to the use of drugs are a fertile place to start looking at the instructions available. Here’s just a few of the hiding places suggested by these sites:

1. Inside a dried-out marker or highlighter. Just cut out the foam and replace with drugs. 2. Behind a plate covering a light switch or electrical outlet. 3. Inside a disposable lighter. Just pull off the plastic cover on the bottom. 4. Above the ceiling, accessed through a bathroom vent. 5. Inside air conditioner ducts. 6. Buried in the back yard. 7. Inside old VHS or cassette cases. 8. Inside electronic devices like computer cases, speakers, game devices. 9. Inside a stick deodorant case, lip balm case or other similar item. 10. Hollow out an old iPod and fill it up.

Source: https://hipv.addictionisreal.org/


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